• How and Why People Are Using Red



    Below is some great information from my friend Cory on why people are using Red so much these days. 


    The color RED is the color of energy, passion, and action.

    The color RED is the color of physical movement which awakens our inner and outer physical force in our lives. RED is also the color of sexuality and may create the emotional force to stimulate within our deeper and more intimate passions. RED the color of love is a positive way and revenge and anger in a negative way.

    The color RED can stimulate our appetite, which is why you may have seen this color used in the food industry.
    It also has the tendency to create food cravings that you may not have had before but when exposed to this color you may feel a sense of a craving for food.

    RED is such a powerful color that if there is too much of it around it can cause irritation within our deeper emotions. It may also cause us to be very agitated and ultimately become angry. Too little and we become cautious, manipulative and fearful.

    Color is so different for everyone. It reflects differently with different in a way that it can be too little or too much, everyone is unique and feels different balances when it comes to color. Also being as unique as we all are we all see color slightly different.


    Thanks again to Cory Scott of Sunlight Interiors


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