• What Are The Steps In Selling A Home?


    So this is a list of the usual steps involved in selling a home.

    1. Decide if you intend to buy another piece of real estate, and if yes where/what will that be.

    2. Talk to a mortgage person about your finances, are your goals achievable?

    3. Determine the value of the property.

    4. Prepare the property for sale (repairs, photos, advertising material etc)

    5. Advertise the property and allow potential buyers to view the property.

    6. Negotiate a Contract of Purchase and Sale with a willing buyer.

    7. Allow for the buyer to conduct their Due-Diligence (review of strata documents, building inspection, financing, etc).

    8. Unconditional period, you still own the property but are no longer able to sell it to anyone and the buyer must complete.

    9. If you are buying another home now is when you can go do that, this is another big list of things to do.

    10. Finalize details relating to any of your existing mortgages.

    11. Make arrangements with your Lawyer to transfer title in the buyer’s name.

    12. Completion, the day you receive the money from the buyer.

    Let em know if you have any questions, I am happy to help.




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