• What Is Designated Agency in BC Real Estate?

    Designated Agency is not a new idea to real estate but it is definitely taking on a more serious role with our local board.

    A Designated Agent is a specific agent within a brokerage that has been designated to work exclusively with a particular client. This legally separates that agent from all other agents within the brokerage as someone who will work solely for that client. In my mind this is a positive change from the past.

    Recently all of our contracts were re-drawn to outline where Agents are and where they are not designated agents.

    The biggest change we will see as a result of this is when there is only one Agent working for both the buyer and seller at the same time. It is kind of hard to be a Designated Agent for both sides of the transaction.

    My practice along with a number of others in the city have been operating like this for years and it is nice to finally have the processes in place to support them.


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