• What Is The First Step In Buying A House In Victoria BC

    Usually the first step my people take is to call me up and ask a few preliminary questions about market trends and housing costs. This conversation usually leads into talk about their specific needs and why they are considering a move. Once we have determined their needs/desires for this move we get our finance documents arranged and send them to a mortgage broker or banker we know well (yours or mine). Having a good relationship between the finance person and me is smart, this cuts down on problems for you. There is a trend in the real estate industry where people are looking for an increased Commoditization of the real estate transaction. This is fine in certain cases but in large real estate transactions are quite serious, I believe they should be looked at closely and on an individual basis not from a Fast-Food frame of mind. In short, start with good advice and work with people who are trusted. This is an effective way to find a new home suited to the lifestyle you are looking to create here in Victoria.

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